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US-6639262-B2: Metal oxide integrated circuit on silicon germanium substrate patent, US-5020818-A: All-terrain wheelchair patent, US-5088391-A: Method and apparatus for cooking food with a moving belt patent, US-5280799-A: Umbrella with two-way flashlight patent, US-5636627-A: Equipment and method for gas extraction in general anaesthesia patent, US-6151689-A: Detecting and isolating errors occurring in data communication in a multiple processor system patent, US-6182892-B1: Smart card with fingerprint image pass-through patent, US-6207572-B1: Reverse linear chemical mechanical polisher with loadable housing patent, US-5047045-A: Multi-section coaxial angioplasty catheter patent, US-6409143-B1: Damper assembly with an electro-optical controller for positioning the damper vanes patent, US-6609748-B1: Forward facing rear door assembly for motor vehicles patent, US-4905154-A: Method for compensating for cable length in a vehicle electronic speed control system patent, US-6510465-B1: Dual communication services interface for distributed transaction processing patent, US-6548042-B2: Bis-phosphonate compounds patent, US-5657556-A: Footwear sole component and production method patent, US-6661856-B1: Decoding for generalized orthogonal design for space-time codes for wireless communication patent, US-5133790-A: Cryogenic rectification method for producing refined argon patent, US-6512205-B1: Gettering system for brazing heat exchangers in CAB furnace patent, US-6570853-B1: Method and apparatus for transmitting data to a node in a distributed data processing system patent, US-5976247-A: Surface-treated crucibles for improved zero dislocation performance patent, US-6024418-A: Axle repair method and related assembly patent, US-6200392-B1: Sheet cleaning apparatus with cartridge roller assembly and method of use patent, US-6282782-B1: Forming plugs in vias of circuit board layers and subassemblies patent, US-6658684-B2: Cable with parallel wires for building work structure, anchoring for said cable and anchoring method patent, US-6682803-B2: Breathable multilayer films with breakable skin layers patent, US-6144455-A: Fluorometer patent, US-6648225-B2: Optical reader with combined housing and light pipe patent, US-5186962-A: Composition and method for inhibiting pathogens and spoilage organisms in foods patent, US-5599691-A: Herpes simplex virus as a vector patent, US-5983703-A: Analytical engine for gas chromatograph patent, US-5875486-A: Semiconductor memory device with clock timing to activate memory cells for subsequent access patent, US-6589375-B2: Low solids gas generant having a low flame temperature patent, US-5375376-A: Polymeric sealing/spring strip and extrusion method of producing same patent, US-5935568-A: Gene therapy for effector cell regulation patent, US-5945126-A: Continuous microsphere process patent, US-5727098-A: Oscillating fiber optic display and imager patent, US-6269640-B1: Heat engine patent, US-4768880-A: System and method for accurate loop length determination in fiber-optic sensors and signal processors patent, US-5945326-A: Method for cloning and producing the Spel restriction endonuclease patent, US-6189279-B1: Floating floor underlay patent, US-6622177-B1: Dynamic management of addresses to an input/output (I/O) device patent, US-5213881-A: Nonwoven web with improved barrier properties patent, US-5939281-A: Detecting alloreactivity patent, US-5954980-A: Apparatus and method for uniformly cooking food with asymmetrically placed radiant energy sources patent, US-5431845-A: Polymeric phosphonium salts providing enhanced chemiluminescence from 1,2-dioxetanes patent, US-6461090-B1: Stowable cargo restraining barrier assembly and method patent, US-6332145-B1: Method for creating browsing data of an information searching apparatus and method for searching information patent, US-5488818-A: Lawn mower having improved trim feature patent, US-5899832-A: Compact lung exercising device patent, US-6129757-A: Implantable members for receiving therapeutically useful compositions patent, US-6493242-B1: Power factor controller patent, US-5445528-A: Electrical connector with improved mounting patent, US-6486300-B1: Human nm23-like protein patent, US-6630345-B2: Nucleic acids encoding a calcium independent receptor of α-latrotoxin, characterization and uses thereof patent, US-6097077-A: Programmable interconnect structures and programmable integrated circuits patent, US-6340192-B2: System and method for removing liquid from rear window of vehicle patent, US-5653374-A: Self-contained powered surgical apparatus patent, US-5316668-A: Wastewater treatment plant and apparatus patent, US-6172810-B1: Retroreflective articles having polymer multilayer reflective coatings patent, US-5813367-A: Child safety harness patent, US-4674511-A: Medical electrode patent, US-5458983-A: Repositionable acrylate adhesive patent, US-4638107-A: Heat sensitive tape and method of making same patent, US-5102817-A: Vertical DRAM cell and method patent, US-5605366-A: External pulling tool and method of operation patent, US-5316770-A: Vitamin D derivative feed compositions and methods of use patent, US-6692491-B1: Surgical methods and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element around one or more pulmonary veins or other body structures patent, US-6437114-B1: Human dopamine receptor and uses patent, US-6505143-B1: Machine protection system for rotating equipment and method patent, US-6518102-B1: Method for manufacturing transistor semiconductor devices with step of annealing to getter metal with phosphorous patent, US-6409751-B1: Stent delivery system and method of use patent, US-6138939-A: Coreless adapter for dispensers of cored rolls of material patent, US-5485370-A: Home services delivery system with intelligent terminal emulator patent, US-3763954-A: Vehicle speed and cruise control system patent, US-3767599-A: Mixed metallo organic catalysts for the polymerization of epoxy compounds and methods for the polymerization of epoxy compounds using saidcatalysts patent, US-3767726-A: Extraction of alkyl fluoride from an alkylate hydrocarbon with a leanhf acid patent, US-3774694-A: Flexible harrow device patent, US-3781009-A: Apparatus for aiding blind bowlers patent, US-3792076-A: Process for the preparation of 4-amino-2-methylpyridine 5-carboxamide patent, US-3795627-A: Stable liquid emulsifier compositions patent, US-3817988-A: PROCESS FOR 11,12-ENOLISATION OF 9a-HALO-11-KETO-STEROIDS patent, US-3823124-A: Polymers of phosphorus-containing monomers patent, US-3829227-A: Locking and sealing device patent, US-3843363-A: Photographic developer with cuprous amine complex patent, US-395534-A: Roller reduction-mill patent, US-4434000-A: N-(Benzenesulfonyl) carbamates herbicidal antidotes patent, US-4435365-A: Process for producing titanium tetrachloride patent, US-44855-A: Telegraph instrument patent, US-472532-A: William p patent, US-476897-A: Ernst louis ripp patent, US-495738-A: Territory patent, US-495881-A: Charles m patent, US-515737-A: Wire spool or reel patent, US-565609-A: deport patent, US-5763777-A: Conical tool holder for precision balancer patent, US-582419-A: Combination-eraser patent, US-585074-A: Mail-canceling machine patent, US-589613-A: Printing-machine patent, US-5978011-A: Printer color gamut optimization method patent, US-613089-A: Mold for making glass tubes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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