Automatische Selbstbedienungsvorrichtung und -verfahren

Automatic self service machine and method

Dispositif et méthode pour le libre service automatique


An automatic self service machine comprises means (12) for performing selected transactions on the machine, storage means (20b) for storing data identifying authorised users of the machine, a card reader (16) for reading encoded machine readable user identification data recorded on a card inserted by a user into the machine, comparison means (24) for comparing the read user identification data with the stored authorised user identifying data in order to determine whether the user is an authorised user, and means (24) for permitting an authorised user to perform transactions on the machine. The machine is characterised in that the card reader will read any identification data which is unique to the user. A method of operating an automatic self service machine by a user comprises inserting into the machine a card recorded with encoded machine readable identification data identifying the user, comparing the read identification data with stored data identifying authorised users in order to determine whether the read data identifies an authorised user, and permitting the user to perform transactions on said machine if the user is identified as an authorised user. The method is characterized in that the identification data is any data which is unique to the user.




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