Appareil de commande pour un véhicule automobile électrique

A control apparatus for an electric automobile

Regelvorrichtung für ein elektrisches Automobil


A control apparatus of the present invention provides an improved travelling performance. It may comprise one or more of a travelling control apparatus by which a duty ratio in consideration of how storage cells (11) are consumed is set to ensure a steady travelling feeling, a regeneration brake which can produce stable braking forces regardless of how storage cells (11) are consumed, and a protective device by which a plurality of operation stop levels are set to be able to cancel an unwanted stop operation and to ensure reliable alarming. In a travelling control apparatus for an electric automobile (1) a chopper duty ratio is compensated depending on how storage cells are consumed, to provide a steady agreeable travelling feeling. In a regeneration brake, regenerated electric power is consumed by a motor driving circuit (13) to stabilise operation of a regeneration brake regardless of how storage cells (11) are consumed, and improve performance thereof. In a protective device for grasping an operating condition of equipment, issuing an alarm in the event of abnormality, and stopping operation of the equipment, the stop operation is effected in two steps and a cancel switch for cancelling the stop operation in the first step is provided to, depending on situations, cancel the stop operation forcibly effected by the protective device.




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