Elektromechanischer Linearantrieb zum Antrieb des Schliessmechanismus eines Türflügels

An electromechanical linear actuator for driving wing closing systems

Acteur électromécanique linéaire pour entraînement du système de fermeture d'un vantail


An electromechanical linear actuator for driving closing systems in which a mobile wing turns about an axis relative to a fixed support, the actuator consisting of a main body (2) with, on one side, means (21) for its connection to the said fixed support and, on the other side, transmission means (3) of variable length, including a tube which rotates about its own longitudinal axis, with screws which act upon an element for connection to the said wing, the wing being mobile with respect to the actuator main body (2) between two end positions; said actuator also having drive means (4) which drive the transmission means (3); the drive means (4) have a transmission shaft (41), set at a right angle to the longitudinal axis (X) of the tube (31) and meshed to the tube by means of a first (41') and second (31') toothed wheel, keyed respectively to the transmission shaft and the rotating tube; the other end of the transmission shaft (41) has keying means (44) which can be detached from the drive means (4).




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