Device for measuring warp tension on a loom

Vorrichtung zur Messung der Kettspannung an einer Webmaschine

Dispositif de mesure de la tension de chaîne sur un métier à tisser


The unit to measure warp tension, in a loom, has at least one force monitor (3). An elastic medium (10) is laid, without tension, over the force monitor (3). Also claimed is a loom with the warp tension monitor at the side of warp let-off and/or at the fabric take-off side. The unit is located at a deflection point for the warps or fabric, so that the developed force component (4) is aligned at right angles to the force monitor (3). Pref. the elastic medium (10) is a layer or plate laid over the force monitor (3). The force monitor (3) has a pliable plate, with elastic bending, and at least one signal transmitter connected to the plate surface as an expansion strip or of piezo quartz. The elastic medium (10) is of an elastomeric as silicon rubber, nitrile rubber, polyurethane or the like, or their mixtures. The unit (2) is held by the elastic medium (10) on one side in an opening (4) and supported by the medium (10) on the other side. A metal plate can be placed over the elastic medium. The unit can be a yarn guide, as a longitudinal body (2) held in place at least along its long sides. It can also be used as a carrier, with a cylindrical body, held at its circumference. An elastic component (9), as a longitudinal or ring unit with a circular cross section, is of an elastomeric material such as silicon rubber, nitrile rubber, polyurethane and the like, and their mixts..
Die Vorrichtung enthält eine Kraftmesseinrichtung mit einem Kraftaufnehmer (3) und ein Organ (2), das mit dem Kraftaufnehmer (3) in Wirkverbindung ist, um eine auf das Organ (2) einwirkende Kraft auf den Kraftaufnehmer zu übertragen. Der Kraftaufnehmer (3) ist mit einem elastischen Mittel (10) versehen, um einerseits die Krafteinleitung zu verbessern und andererseits mechanische Schwingungen zu dämpfen.




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