Resin coating pipe and manufacturing method thereof, and fuel tank with resin coating pipe

Harzbeschichtetes Rohr und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung und Treibstofftank mit harzbeschichtetem Rohr

Tuyau à revêtement de résine et son procédé de fabrication et reservoir de carburant avec un tuyau à revêtement de résine


A resin coating pipe wherein a peripheral surface near an end portion of a pipe material (6) is masked through a specified length, and a resin coating layer (7 or 7a) is formed on a rest portion of a surface of the pipe material (6), and the masked portion is made to be an insertion portion (8 or 8a) to be inserted tightly into an inside diameter portion of another fitting member (4), said resin coating layer (7 or 7a) has its end portion being pressurized, and at that portion, a resin connecting portion (17 or 17a) extending along the insertion portion (8 or 8a) and capable of being fitted into an inside diameter portion of another fitting member (4) together with the insertion portion (8 or 8a), is formed.




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