Staircase, and fitting and framework for a staircase

Escalier ainsi que raccord et charpente pour un escalier

Treppe sowie Beschlag und Strebwerkanordnung für eine Treppe


Treppe, insbesondere gewendelte Treppe, mit Trittplatten (12; 36), die beidseitig mittels im Bereich der Trittplattenebene angeordneten Tragstrukturen (16; 40) getragen sind, wobei die Tragstrukturen (16; 40) an ihren Anschlußpunkten (18; 39, 48b) gelenkig gelagert sind.
The step plates (36) are arranged at least partly in a step space surround (32) and on the wall side are anchored at least partly by steel bolts (34). The support structure is a framework. A fixture is provided for fixture to a step plate (36) of a staircase (30) and for connection of successive step plates. Bars are articulatedly connectable to the fixture. Each step plate has two fixtures which are connected by inclinedly parallel running bars, forming the upper and lower girders of the bracing structure. Each bar at its end has an articulated pin for location in the fixtures. The bracing structure comprises several horizontal and vertical tubes.




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