Metal reinforcement for leg of supple boots - is fitted to front of boot either inside or outside

Dispositif permettant une bonne tenue des tiges de bottes du type " mode "

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Guernut Yves
  • Publication Date: December 23, 1977
  • Publication Number: FR-2352508-A2


The metal reinforcement (1) is fitted to the leg of supple boots, especially thigh boots, to ensure a good hold on the leg. It is fitted to the front of the boot and can be either fitted to the exterior or interior of the leg portion. If the reinforcement is fitted at the interior it is bonded to the lining n2) and then covered by a lining strip (3) bonded to the reinforcement and stitched on either side (4) to the boot. The reinforcement can be fitted to all or part of the leg.




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